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A concept inspired by the desire for balance

Dandelion characterises the yin of our concept – the subtle softness, womanly ways, delicate notes, refined presence and ability to bloom.

Driftwood signifies the yang of our concept - the sturdy manly ways with rugged earthy links, natural formation, and an adventurous outlook.

Dandelion represents that magic blow-ball that no one can resist wishing upon. With one single breath that magic spreads, being carried away by the wind and the dandelion travels like little parachutes across the earth. Dandelions are in that cup in your hands that you are delighting in drinking. They embody the delight, the enchantment, the science and the excitement of the charmed cup.

Driftwood represents that piece of wood that floats, can survive a life in water, continues to be worn away, eventually washes up but still possesses strong qualities. Driftwood travels for some time and length but continues its journey uninhabited, exposed to the elements and continues to take risks. Driftwood symbolises the eternal relationship between earth and water.  


What a Beautiful little Cafe. very cute & attention to Detail second to none. so much variety for Breakfast & Lunch & Coffees/Teas & just when you think you have finished a selection of Cakes on a Cake Trolley!! Will be back!

— Lena B.


Excellent service and delicious food. Absolutely love the Dandelion coffee. Highly recommend visiting D&D. It's a great experience.

— Erin C.

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